Mechanical Manipulation

concrete lifting and re-leveling in Oklahoma City

Again this is not something we offer as a single service. However, not everything can me mudjacked. In some cases, Mudjack Mania mudjacking services does offer some concrete replacement and some new concrete work, as a secondary service to a mudjack job. This would typically be limited to smaller concrete replacement and small concrete additions to existing projects.

New Concrete

Concrete Patching

 We offer mudjacking and pressure grouting for almost any outside concrete surface. Although we do NOT do foundation lifting, we do lift some non structural garage floors and if applicable, some non-monolithic interior floors. We do both commercial and residential work and estimates are free. Call today to see if mudjacking will work for you.


We do offer several other services related to and as part of a mudjacking job. If you have any questions regarding any other services,  please feel free to ask. If we are unable to assist you, we often can recommend someone qualified to help complete your project.

Other services

Concrete Caulking

Although we do not offer concrete patching as a single service, we do have the know how and equipment needed to patch damaged concrete and we do offer patching as a secondary service to any mudjacking job.

Although we do not offer concrete cutting as a single service, we do have the equipment needed to saw-cut and core drill and offer both as a secondary service to any mudjacking job.

Concrete Sawing

Were more than just concrete lifting and re-leveling.

We offer the following services in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.


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Mudjack Mania is the only contractor in Oklahoma, that is able to offer you mechanical concrete manipulation. Prior to mudjacking, our hydraulic "Dek-Twisters" and "Tippers" can manipulate uncooperative sections of concrete, twisting and tipping them back into their original location. This allows us to safely mudjack concrete that our competitors are unable to correctly lift. Additionally, Mudjack Mania has hydrolic "Power Shifters", that can push sections of concrete sideways. This allows us to not only lift your concrete back to it's original position, but additionally allows us to relocate it if needed. This is a common problem with older pool decks. Because Mudjack Mania mudjacking service is the only Oklahoma contractor with "Dek-Twisters", "Tippers" and "Power Shifters", we are able to offer you a level of service that can't be matched by any of our competitors. 

Decorative Concrete

Although we do not offer concrete caulking as a single service, we have all of the knowledge and equipment required to offer you professional concrete caulking as a secondary service to any mudjacking job.

Of all the services we offer, we feel our customer service is the most important. Mudjack Mania is proud to say that our number one priority is always you. We pride ourselves on our customer service and strive to insure you are a happy and satisfied customer when your project is complete. Considering that the majority of our work comes from customer referrals, we must be doing something right. If you are having concrete problems, we hope to have the opportunity to serve you and add you to our long list of satisfied customers. 

Although we have years of experience in the decorative concrete business, we now attempt to limit our scope of decorative concrete work to giving advice. However, in some cases, we would be willing to offer decorative work, if we have lifted or pressure grouted something decorative. Even then our decorative part will be limited to decoratively patching the access holes from mudjacking and decoratively patching existing damage, if requested.

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