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So, if your concrete is not all it's cracked up to be, why not let us help.

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To make Oklahoma a safer place, one trip hazard at a time, in a way that is structurally sound, environmentally friendly, cost effective and causes only minimal  inconvenience  to the people involved.

Mudjack Mania  

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Having been in the concrete and concrete related industry for most of his life, Dennis was destined to  continue doing something concrete related.

Mudjack Mania LLC was formed to provide the people of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, with a fast, reliable and affordable way to lift and re-level their existing concrete, without all of the hassles and expense involved  with concrete replacement.

Mudjack Mania  mudjacking services, utilizes the best available equipment in the industry. Additionally we have  hydraulic "Dek-Twisters", "Tippers", "Power Shifters" and other  specialized equipment that no one else in the area has. This allows Mudjack Mania mudjacking services to to lift and re-level things our competitors say can not be lifted. 

Because of our state of the art equipment combined with our 40 + years experience and our competitive prices,  Mudjack Mania mudjacking service, continues to be the number one choice of the people in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, for all their concrete lifting, re-leveling and pressure grouting needs.