Information to help customers become aware of all the possible solutions, including a detailed comparison of different methods used within the repair industry.

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Is your concrete not all it's cracked up to be?


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Insightful information about the almost 90 year history of mudjacking including photographs. Lots of interesting information and personal perspectives for your enjoyment.

Some photos of typical concrete problems, accompanied by an explanation of the usual causes . Correctly identifying the problem is a big step in finding a solution.

We do Concrete Lifting And Re-leveling in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area

Mudjack Mania mudjacking services, is here to help you with all of your concrete lifting and re-leveling needs. We additionally offer pressure grouting for all those hollow places that need to be filled and patching for those big unsightly cracks. Our equipment is state of the art and no one has more experience with concrete and concrete related problems than us.

Mudjack Mania LLC is a local company, right here in Oklahoma City. If you need us for anything, you don't have to  wonder where we are, or how you can find us. We are located right here in town and are available to help you, or answer your questions when you need us.


A basic overview of concrete and concrete pouring techniques to help the average consumer to better understand the proccess required to pour new concrete

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