Mudjack Mania LLC
Your concrete lifting, re-leveling, repair and resurfacing experts
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Is your concrete not all it’s cracked up to be? We specialize in concrete repair and saving you money.

Mudjack Mania LLC
 is a full service concrete lifting, re-leveling
, repair and resurfacing company.

With over 38 years of concrete experience, Mudjack Mania LLC has the know how and ability to take care of your concrete needs. With our superior products and state of the art equipment, we can lift, re-level, repair and resurface most old concrete.

"What if my concrete has settled and has trip hazards?"

Mudjack Mania LLC, combines the latest "Mud-jacking" equipment and technology with our over 38 years of experience, to lift and re-level old concrete. This process not only eliminates trip hazards, but also saves our customers up to 50% or more over traditional concrete replacement costs. Also, most concrete that has been lifted is usable the same day saving you time.

"What if my concrete has cracks and other problems?"

Mudjack Mania LLC has extensive concrete knowledge to identify your concrete problems.
This allows us to not only assess all needed repairs, but also to eliminate future problems by understanding the cause of the needed repairs. Using our steel reinforced structural crack repair systems, Mudjack Mania LLC can repair most cracks in your old concrete. Additionally, Mudjack Mania LLC can install any needed or missing control and expansion joints.
We have many other time tested repairs available to take care of most any concrete problems.

"What if my concrete is ugly looking?"

Mudjack Mania LLC can also eliminate the ugly from your old concrete with a wide variety of beautiful and durable finishes from chemical staining to acrylic concrete overlays, with many colors and patterns available. We can create anything from beautiful custom logo’s, to faux rock fantasy gardens and from elaborate stamped concrete designs to a simple textured and colored concrete look.

"What if I just need some plain ole new concrete?"

No problem... We do plain ordinary concrete too...  
Mudjack Mania LLC also offers the following services; power washing, caulking, resealing, concrete sawing, concrete grinding, concrete scarifying, concrete demolition and hauling, earthwork and grading and much more.

          So call 405-808-3446 today for a free estimate and let us show you what our 38 plus years of decorative concrete experience can do for you and for the value of your property.   

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